Absolutely Ridiculous

President Trump has been called everything but a son of God.  The name-calling comes from incredibly-full-of-themselves media commentators, entertainers, academic types, and even politicians.  One recent example of the latter.  South Carolina Democrat Senator, James Clyburn, during a campaign stop in his home state, referenced Hitler (joining the historically-ignorant crowd) in comments about the President.  Continuing on that anti-Trump theme, the Senator went on to say: “We are asking for dire consequences.  And I think it’s time for the House and Senate to grow spines, and do what is necessary to protect this democracy.  This man and his family are the greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime.”  Strange, others would have us believe that “climate change” is the “greatest threat to democracy,” and in fact to any form of government or nation, since, according to atmospheric expert, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, the earth is toast in just 12 more years.

Senator Clyburn’s statement derives from hyperventilating about a President that he and his political clan can’t stand or tolerate.  If he’d put leftist politics where the sun don’t shine for a few moments, he could likely come up with several other “greatest threats,” to include rogue regimes (some with nukes and missiles), China’s expansionist designs (eventual war?), Islamic fanatics (does 9-11 still ring a bell?), and the Cuban Missile Crisis from years past (Soviet Union vs. U.S.), but still well within his lifetime, among other potential “threats.”

Actually, a case could be made that his pal, the last President, did considerable damage to America democracy, by forging separation among population groups (racial/ethnic/gender identity), rather than unity (divide and conquer); by purposely weakening America’s military in the face of current combat campaigns and future threats; by telling overseas audiences that America needs to stop “dictating” and start “listening;” by pandering to our enemies, rather than working toward even stronger bonds with our allies, and in so doing effectively side-lining Israel, America’s only steadfast ally in the Middle East; and to make that relationship even worse, purposely delivering  $1.7- billion U.S. dollars, without Congressional notice or approval, to totalitarian Iran, enabling them to increase even further their support of militant Palestinian groups, who, together with Iran, have the collective goal of removing Israel from the face of the earth.  That’s a pretty comprehensive package (world events + negative policies, of the last President) along with still other efforts/events, that, separately or together, could easily be considered as “greatest threats to our democracy”!

Back, now, to other unproven, derogatory, alleged character flaws that Hitler, (sorry, they’re so much alike), President Trump has been accused of having. Negative charges pounded daily by claimants and their puppy-dog, pandering media pals. They say his rhetoric generates “hate” (more so the last White House occupant); he’s a “racist” (a kneejerk term used so often it no longer has meaning); he’s a “white supremacist” (no proof whatsoever); and here’s a beauty that drove Americans to dictionaries… he’s a “misogynist” (a man who hates women, for those yet to look it up…absurd when looking at the bright women he has hired and appointed, not to mention marrying a woman of intelligence and abundant grace, who speaks five languages!);  and, of course, as he tries earnestly to do everything the law  allows to protect America, he’s “Islamophobic.”  And since we’re on a category roll, “he’s a poet, he’s a picker, he’s a prophet, he’s a pilgrim, and he’s a preacher.”  All of the above labels, except for those probably-should-have-but-couldn’t-resist additional ones, written with zero political intent, by Kris Kristofferson, are unsubstantiated liberal blather, bellowed out of resentment about his election victory, his continued popularity (no matter what fiction they and the media throw at him), and his power.

On the invented charge of stoking “hate” aimed at the President, he was then immediately blamed for the horrific attack on Muslims at mosques in New Zealand, which slaughtered at least 50 worshipers, plus many injured, some critically.  The New Zealand attack the fault of President Trump?  That’s like stretching for the goal line from fifty-years away.  A merit-less charge that is absolutely ridiculous!

And on the related issue of “Islamophobia,” comes a defense brought forth by an unexpected source in an unexpected setting.  Muslim physician and journalist, Ms. Qanta Ahmed, while appearing on CNN after the New Zealand massacre, and expected to join the chorus of cheap-shots at President Trump, did the opposite, no doubt causing the immediate and thorough wetting of host and staff knickers.  In response to leading questions, Dr. Ahmed said the following: “Viewers should know this President and this administration is often castigated as Islamophobic, but I move (travel) in the Muslim world — in Egypt, in Oman, in Jordan, in Iraqi Kurdistan — where this President is beloved.  This President and the Republican Party, going back to George W. Bush, is very dearly held.”  Time to wring out those knickers at CNN.

And here’s a brief two-part bonus round of additional leftist ridiculousness.  South Carolina Democrats are currently opposing a Republican effort to require their state universities to teach a course on the Constitution and other founding documents.  Yes siree, let’s continue to keep our young people ignorant about the brilliance of our Founders and the Constitutionally-directed liberty and structure that has guided our nation through past decades, and thankfully, still today.  And, oh by the way, young liberal Americans, our Constitution is not a “living document”!

And, batting clean-up in our bonus round, presidential candidate, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), is proposing that illegal immigrants should be entitled to receive Social Security!   Said Mike Huckabee in response: “I hope she has to go out and talk to people in their 70s who can barely afford food, and tell them they’re not going to get their Social Security raised because we’re going to be giving it to people who broke into this country illegally.”  Her suggestion is absurd, and not compassionate, but rather totally politically motivated, aimed at attracting Hispanic voters to her campaign.

As this discourse illustrates, and only in part, leftist ideas and actions continue to be not what’s best for America, but always, always what’s best for them. As such, their policies and proposals, past and present, remain detrimental, unaffordable, and absolutely ridiculous.


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