A Very Worrisome Court Verdict (And the Blatant Political Bias that Produced It)

Last week’s regrettable guilty verdict against former president Donald Trump, in a predictable liberal-politics-dominated court, was an extreme disappointment to patriotic Americans.  And there can no longer be any question about the intent of the verdict, unanimously determined among non-free-thinking jurors, all of whom might well have feared going home to their liberal-dominated neighborhoods, in that politically polarized NYC environment, had they voted, instead, to acquit.  Clearly, genuine justice was not done. Rather, we can conclude that justice was un-done!

Remarked commentator Tucker Carlson: “That verdict ends the fairest justice system in the world.”  Heart-wrenching, and worrisome for every citizen, if his statement actually proves to be anywhere near accurate throughout the courtrooms of America, from local to state and to federal. Hopefully an over-assumption, but of understandable concern, as ultra-liberal policies and actions seem to be gaining ground here, certainly among the monied elites who are the power figures behind the tarnishing and shifting of American political and governing traditions, with the continued freedoms for everyday loyal citizens (that’s us) very much at stake.

Progressive-liberal attention-seeking figureheads (media, of course, and otherwise) weighed in on the verdict, as well, but their words and thoughts will be skipped, as their pronouncements on this potentially nation-shifting decision are of no interest, merit, or use to those of us who truly care about the future of America.

Continuing with the thoughts of concerned, level-headed, loyal, and sane Americans, said Florida Governor DeSantis: “This verdict represents the political agenda of some kangaroo court.”  Following on that theme, Representative Jim Jordan added: “This kangaroo court verdict is a travesty of justice.” Former presidential advisor and political strategist Dick Morris remarked: “The public understands the nature of this verdict and the partisan bias behind it.” Senator Ted Cruz spoke his mind, as always, with the thought that tied in with that spoken by Tucker Carlson earlier: “Judge Juan Merchan has diminished the credibility of every judge in America.”

And more thoughts on the unprecedented verdict’s impact on our court system and on our nation. Remarked respected commentator, Ben Shapiro: “The Democrats just set the country on fire.” Wrote noted national radio and television commentator, Mark Levin, regarding the negative verdict: “The Democrat Party has completely destroyed our electoral system. The Constitution of the United States was shredded. You literally had a Stalinist type show trial. And we don’t know what the ‘crime’ was.”  Commentator Matt Walsh: “They prosecuted him (Trump) for trying to be president again. That’s the real crime, which isn’t a crime!” And speaking of the purported ‘crime,’ respected attorney, Alan Dershowitz, concluded that: “I saw no credible evidence of a crime. That conviction may well mark the beginning of a new era of partisan weaponization of our justice system.”

Former Illinois Governor, a Democrat, Rod Blagojevich, whose prison sentence was commuted by President Trump, had some pro-Trump thoughts on the regrettable record setting verdict: “It’s a sad day for America. My heart is broken for our country. My fellow Democrats are destroying the Rule of Law.”  And his dire prediction: “If Donald Trump doesn’t win (in November), we’re going to become Russia!”  Finally, for now, from Senator J.D. Vance: “This verdict isn’t justice. It’s election interference.”

Vance’s point has been one of the overriding issues regarding the detrimental aspects of this ‘show’ trial; and one that never did clearly identify exactly which law(s) Mr. Trump had supposedly broken.  Sordid aspects laid out of course, but no actual criminality was demonstrated, according to his defense attorney presentations. By tying up Candidate Trump for weeks, thus preventing his normal office-seeking rallies and speeches around the country, there is no question about the serious, and purposeful, restricted campaigning imposed, unfairly, on Mr. Trump, while Mr. Biden remained free to vacation weekends in Delaware, as usual, and then hit the campaign trail whenever he wished. That certainly magnifies the issue of fairness, something Democrats have shown little or no commitment to, or interest in, certainly proven by that party’s past election tendency for voting mischief (e.g., fraudulent balloting, ballot harvesting, and timely ballot processing).

And speaking of fairness and voting legitimacy, we now have, reportedly, over 10-million illegal immigrants within our borders, thanks to Mr. Biden’s apparent (and exhibited) total lack of concern about the safety, security, and fiscal cost now faced by our nation, represented by these illegals. How many will now be illegally “allowed,” behind the curtain, to actually vote in the November federal election? You may already know that California automatically registers (to vote) illegals who have obtained a driver’s license in that state.  There may be a couple of other states that also do, post-driver’s license, automatic registration of voters. This poses a real potential fairness problem at federal vote time. How strongly, then, will efforts be made to stop illegal migrant voting throughout all of our states?

What might Mr. Biden be hoping will occur, with his principal opponent now saddled, and potentially hobbled, with the title “convicted felon”?  Well, the issues Mr. Biden and his executive department colleagues have created, in fact, are many, such as: Non-stop, and encouraged, illegal immigrants now here numbering in the multimillions, with negative impacts for America abounding; Serious and continuing inflation causing too many American families to find that their expenses too often exceed their revenues, with compensating credit cards charges now in excess for many.  Along with excessive spending authorized by the Executive Branch, often to feed political causes and dreams, driving our national debt to never anticipated levels, with annual debt service now said to match or exceed the total annual budget for America’s military(!); Trying to eliminate our fossil fuel industry, the backbone of our nation’s productivity and transportation, in favor of the far less practical wind and solar “green” energy alternatives; Carte blanch universal abortion freedoms; Unproven, fantasy ‘climate change’ fearmongering and billions in expenditures; Seemingly backing all manner of transgender encouragement and treatment, with or without parental knowledge or approval, primarily initiated within schools, when the overriding focus should be strictly on academics. Given all of this, the administration would be mighty giddy if the ‘convicted felon’ label tags and hurts their poll-leading opponent sufficiently enough so that the American voting public will forget about all of the significant damage (above) to our nation that Mr. Biden’s group has ‘accomplished’ when November 5th rolls around.

We the People are now entering a period of uncharted legal and governing territory, while we stand precariously on politicized quicksand. We don’t yet know the ultimate impact on America’s patriot citizens, who are rightly concerned about our future and that of their children, amidst so much uncertainty surrounding our great nation, both domestically (!) and internationally. Made all the more worrisome by the current existence of weak national leadership, operating under the seeming direction of wealthy liberal elitists (political types and otherwise), ‘advising’ from behind the deeply politicized curtain, as we outsiders hesitantly stumble forward the best we can.

Wishing our loyal citizens, God-guided good fortune, at a time when it would be wise, it seems, for all American patriots to adopt and embrace the current national billboard (and other media) recruiting campaign of our United States Marine Corps, as they, and we, reflect: “The Fighting Spirit of An Entire Nation.” May all loyal and thankful Americans unite at this challenging time in strong support of our Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the protection of our precious freedoms.