A Threat And More Bluster

The DNC chairman has reportedly said that there are no longer any moderates in the Democratic Party.  Underscoring the truth of that admission, it certainly appears that the now hard-left Democrats will stop at nothing, do whatever it takes, no matter whom it may hurt (perhaps literally), to openly deride, defy and despise President Trump, with the larger, more immediate goal of winning back Congressional power in the November election.

To make us feel much better about all of that, self-crowned Congressional Queen Mother, Mrs. Pelosi, has now fired a warning shot across our even more deeply furled brow, issuing a blatant threat to all opposing voters (which we hope, for this election, is a clear majority of voting Americans).  Proclaimed she (keep antacid tablets nearby):  “We owe the American people to be there for them” (like the Republicans, of course, are not!), “for their financial security” (in this booming economy, thanks to Republican reform, with the lowest unemployment rate in many years), “respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country” (which President Trump continually stresses), “and (here it comes) if there is some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it…”

There you have it, a clear threat aimed squarely at those “Deplorables” who do not vote for their ruinous economic-socialist agenda.  Responded Newt Gingrich to her bully-girl bravado: “With threats of kicking, bullying, driving conservatives out of restaurants, what does ‘other consequences’ mean? Pretty threatening.”

In addition to the already present verbal and physical aggression on the part of paid leftist sheepherders, here’s but a starter list of the hard-left agenda and the ‘consequences’ we’ll face, if we fail to keep the Socialist-Marxists away from Congressional leadership:  Major tax increases (to provide even more free stuff for their targeted followers, via redistribution of an even bigger bite of your earned income), totally government run health care (no more company or private health plans plus delays in service), open borders (eliminate our Border Patrol), legalization of all illegal immigrants (to pack future voting booths, and so that American citizens stand second in line for jobs), elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) (so that gangs and other immigrant criminals are free to roam, plunder, rape and kill), climate change’s “clean” power imposition (resulting in huge job losses and huge increases in home energy costs), and, then, countless other policies aimed at weakening out nation at home and abroad, taking America’s “transformation” even lower, and more permanent, than the lasting damage inflicted on our society during the previous eight-years. Either vote for all of those nation-damaging, self-serving, thirst-for-power policies and actions, or you are guaranteed, promises Mrs. Pelosi (cross her heart and hope you die), to suffer the consequences.  Which consequences, you ask?  All of the above and more.

And still even more loony bluster from the ever-harder left.  Kavanaugh hearing dissident and California Senator, Mrs. Harris, hopes to repeal and replace the Republican’s $1.5-million tax relief plan. She would replenish federal coffers with the cancelled tax relief receipts and then redistribute those funds to so-called “working families” (for the record, all families where one or both parents work outside the home are by definition “working families”!!).  Households with a combined annual income of up to $100,000 would receive up to $6,000 per year, paid annually or in monthly increments.  Apparently no restrictions on its use.

How long would this continue?  Sounds like indefinitely, or until the money runs out! This is aimed at low or middle income families who, we’re told, have been “left behind.”  There are currently over 7-million job openings in the United States.  Unemployment is at an amazing low rate.  The number of food stamp recipients are reduced now as well.  Clearly, there is work out there for individuals willing to train and work hard.  So, then, who exactly is “left behind”?  Now, no one faults continued aid to those with genuine physical or mental disabilities.  Americans are the most generous people on earth.  But is a family bringing home $100,00 per year truly “left behind.”

This is nothing but a pre-election hype and enticement, put out there by Mrs. Harris and apparently others running for re-election from her political party.  It is just bait, pure and simple.  The irresistible aroma of fresh, just picked (from the pockets of other working Americans), no-strings, hand-out money, with the obvious objective of attracting voters to the Democrat side, purposely being done right now, to get them to the polls in November.

But it’s not only immediate bait.  It’s long-term as well.  As with all government hand-outs and “entitlements,” in exchange for continued loyalty, this promise of an additional financial hand-out, made possible on the backs of hard-working Americans, who will then get slammed with lasting major tax increases to cover this political sham.

Like any other freebies from D.C. (paid for by someone else), this free money becomes yet another form of addiction.  Just like illegal drugs, once hooked on the government money, recipients become addicted to it.  And you’ll vote time and again for whichever party promises to give it to you.

And that, of course, is the whole purpose to begin with.  Not to actually help people.  The purpose is to insure their continued vote and support.  Peeling back the fancy wrapper on the “gift,” it’s just the same old government-sanctioned legalized addiction that’s revealed.

This will give you some indication of just how serious the Democrats are about rolling back those tax-break “crumbs,” and how quickly they will do so, if the American voting public gives control back to them.  That must not be allowed to happen.  Along with reducing burdensome regulations, those individual and corporate tax cuts have been the kindling that rapidly turned our faltering economy into a blazing one, felt by America’s citizens across the board, regardless of race, religion, or economic status.  It was exactly the spark that Americans needed to justifiably feel good about themselves and their country, again.

Be selfish about the present and future financial health for you and your family.  Vote in November to keep this economy and the Trump agenda moving forward.  Vote Republican.  Remember: Republicans who don’t vote, elect Democrats !!!


(Pelosi quote via Townhall.com, Matt Vespa, 10-18-18; Gingrich quote via The Blaze.com, Carlos Garcia, 10-18-18)