A Salute To America’s Veterans

A few thoughts, if you would, about our veterans.  Our nation’s military veterans, along with those who serve currently, are, without question, the absolute pride of America.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are now, living in America, about 19-million U.S. military veterans.   That’s less than 10% of the current total U.S. adult population. That makes America’s veterans not only special, but extremely special, based on that percentage alone, not to mention the positive difference our veterans make, every-day, enriching our employers, our organizations, our communities, and our neighborhoods.

For the last 48-years, all who serve, or have served in the United States military, do so voluntarily.  They choose to serve and sacrifice for our nation.  They volunteer to spend a portion of their life, to the point of possibly sacrificing it, so that they might assist the cause of maintaining our security, our sovereignty, and the steadfast defense of our precious, irreplaceable freedom.

We hear much discussion today about our nation’s natural resources.  Turns out that those who serve now, or have done so in the past, our veterans, are all, clearly, America’s greatest, not natural, but our greatest national resource.

We thank those who currently serve, but, today especially, we pause here to thank those who have served our nation in uniform in the past, within all five branches, Active-Duty, Guard, and Reserve.

We are so very proud of our nation’s veterans.  We cherish them, both for their contributions in uniform, and now for their distinctive contributions to civilian life in America.

Duty…Honor…Country. Deeply ingrained commitments, carried over now to life beyond the uniform. Thank you for serving.  Thank you for sacrificing.  Thank you for your proven and continuing devotion to our great nation.

Whether serving now, or doing so in the past, any day, not just Veterans Day or Armed Forces Day, but ANY day is the right time to thank those who have served, or currently do, for their commitment to what is right, to what is honorable.  In sum, for their dedicated, deep devotion, to maintaining the very best of our America.

Thank you, from the heart, on behalf of all of our nation’s patriots, for all of our proud veterans who work, live, and contribute among us, within our country’s great communities.  You are distinct among America’s most respected, cherished, and valued treasures.  Our sincerest appreciation and thanks to you all.

And sincere thanks, as always, to all those great men and women who continue to valiantly serve America in uniform today…..