A Fool With A Foil

Due to the convenience of inbreeding, 20-something jerks seem to abound of late. Sometimes they’re violent, acting-out with anything from punching people for no particular reason, all the way to the demented shooting, knifing or bombing of innocents. Others have mouths and brains routinely out of sync, and speak as if they actually know something of significance or sense (many Hollywood types come to mind). And don’t ever challenge any of today’s jerks to write in cursive, that dark ages personal communication style.

It seems that our most recent self-centered jerk, of the non-violent kind, was (hopefully past tense) a member of the U.S. men’s fencing team. The team finished the recent Pan American Games wining Gold. As the team stood on the top ledge of the medals podium, and as America’s sacred National Anthem was played, one of the three American winners decided to KNEEL, displaying an insult to his teammates, those Americans in attendance, and to his exceptional nation back home.

Yes, rather than being respectful and thankful for all that his homeland has provided to him, he decided that it was long time to express his dissatisfaction with America and all the evil it represents to him.  And so emerges, on international television, yet another incredible, self-absorbed, delusional jerk, apparently convinced that, by his juvenile foolishness, he can resolve all the his nation’s perceived problems. Better to embarrass yourself, your nation, your teammates, and your parents (one would certainly hope), than to do anything useful.  He makes the case, quite clearly, that its far better to be an ass, than to simply try to ride one.

And here are the pompous words of America’s latest ingrate, following in the distinguished knee-steps of past disrespectful athletic fools, pampered victims all. Said this child in grown up clothes: “My pride has been cut short by the multiple shortcomings of the country I hold so dear to my heart.  Racism, gun control, mistreatment of immigrants, and a president who spreads hate are at the top of my long list.”

Appears we have yet another graduate of our nation’s shameful, high-priced, liberal-socialist, indoctrination camps, previously referred to as colleges and universities, brainwashed to believe that just about everything available to those to study and work hard in this great nation are, instead “multiple shortcomings”.  Shortcomings like our multiple, costly, and continuing magnificent defense of world freedom over the last one-hundred+ years, the multiple live-saving discoveries in medicine, and the incredible number of opportunities made available to all in America who work hard to deserve them.

Oh, yes, and “racism,” which the current posse of race-baiters of all colors and nationalities, and especially those who actually earn their livings from it, continue to drum-beat so loudly and often that few of us pay any attention to it anymore, because the term has become so fraudulent as to be devoid of any real meaning.  But our young, white lib fencer is appalled by its supposedly rampant existence, so that I’m certain, as with so many other fools, he is embarrassed to have been born white, as if any of us had the chance to make a race choice on the way down the life-chute.

Mistreatment of “immigrants.”  We’ve discussed this liberal game before.  Legal immigrants are not being mistreated.  Period. They’ve been properly admitted and expected to assimilate and work for the privilege of being in this great country.  The country that so many want to enter, and few if any want to leave.  It would be a really good thing if the band of bad-mouthers, like our latest kneeler, would just shut up and depart elsewhere for the country of their delusional dreams.

And the apparent (for now) final, complaint in our young jerk’s show-off diatribe: “a president who spreads hate.” While Mr. Trumpe is routinely, and falsely,reading hate, it is actually the far-left gangs, hoodlums, menacing individual wanna-bes, and self-impressed politicians on the left, who spew, and do, the most hate, violence, and destruction.

Our young jerk-du-jour, thinking that his spoken displeasure will somehow change both our country, and the world he seeks to make nice, has actually just made a fool of himself and embarrassed all around him.  And by the way, in his verbal complaint, he spoke of taking home a “Gold and Bronze.”  Don’t know for sure, but doesn’t that sound like perhaps his team took the collective Gold and he contributed at the Bronze level?  The write-ups don’t specify. Could be completely wrong. Just a thought.

Regardless, not only will he be instantly forgotten, but hopefully the American Fencing Federation (or whatever the overseeing organization is) will strongly consider booting him off the team for his display of arrogance and bad will.  Seems like, now, by the glaring insult to his flag and anthem, that this misbehaving kid might be better suited to installing fencing, rather than competing in it.

(Background information and quote via dailywire.com, Hank Berrien, 8-12-19)