9/11: Patriot Day: The 20th Anniversary of the Attack on America

Twenty years ago today…September 11, 2001… 19 militant fundamentalist Islamics hijacked four East Coast U.S. commercial airliners and purposely flew them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center (NYC), then into the Pentagon (D.C.), and mercifully, thanks to some very courageous male passengers, that fourth plane was forced into the ground near Shanksville, PA, well short of its likely intended target of either Congress or the White House.  That morning, 246 unknowing civilians, said good-bye to their loved ones, boarded flights headed for cities west, when, soon and suddenly, their destination became, instead, a violent, instant death, courtesy of delusional, degenerate animals in human form who hopefully have, since that day, been split-roasting in Hell, absent the chaste ladies they were historically promised.

And, of course, the vast majority of those sudden, senseless, and horrific deaths resulted from the three of those airliners which were purposely flown into the World Trade Center Towers (2,606 U.S. citizens, and non-citizens alike, the latter representing 90 nations), and then the Pentagon (125 military and civilian personnel).  The New York City fatalities, we should remember, included 344 firefighters and 71 law enforcement officers, representing incredible bravery from those outstanding first-responders.  The final death figures from that beyond-tragic-day tend to vary slightly, depending on source, but the cumulative figure of 2,977 people (including the passengers) who perished that day, at the three locations, perhaps best represents the scope of that unspeakable human carnage.  That number, by the way, purposely excludes the suicidal fanatics whose noxious, corrupted lives are unworthy of inclusion.

Per President Franklin Roosevelt, in December 1941, the Japanese surprise attack on our military facilities and forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was a “Day of Infamy.”  The Attack on America, September 11, 2001, clearly must then stand as our nation’s Second Day of Infamy.  In point of fact, more people lost their lives on 9/11 than they did on that fateful day at Pearl Harbor.

Twenty years ago, when those deceitful militants attacked us, the Taliban and their terrorist cronies effectively controlled Afghanistan.  Incredibly, now, twenty years and far too many lost and wounded American military lives later, the Taliban forces and their cronies once again control Afghanistan, perhaps even more completely and certainly now much better equipped and armed, due completely to the terribly flawed, negligent, woefully-executed, and politically-mandated military and civilian exit plan delivered at the hands of America’s current administration.  An administration that, with the invaluable, every-ready aid of their seemingly owned-and-operated fawning, see-no-Democrat-evil, national media, have now, as you’re witnessing, flooded the pages and airwaves, with Covid scares and vaccine mandates, by attempted sleight of hand and mind, to deflect the nation’s obvious concern over the citizens and allies negligently left behind, now at the callous, likely-murderous hands of the terror-serving Taliban.  As our currently, badly-blemished, national history moves forward, looking back, it’s quite possible that August 30, 2021 (last military flight out of Kabul, one day before the politically self-imposed, artificial deadline), may well and deservedly so, become America’s Third Day of Infamy.

In the meantime, on 9/11 this year, Patriot Day, at the very least, please do pause to remember those Americans and legal non-citizens whose lives were taken by demented acts of terror, acts that cost America, both in lives and dollars, 20-years of combat and peace-keeping, along with countless military sacrifices made in the doing.  Be thankful for, and support in every way possible, our courageous men and women of America’s military today (Army-Navy-Coast Guard-Marines-Air Force).  And strive to do the same for all of those who, with unwavering courage and dedication, serve our communities and nation as first responders (police-fire-medical).  We are as great a nation as we are because of those who faithfully serve and care for others.  Continue to be the very best patriot you can be in support of our America, this wondrous land of freedom and unlimited opportunity.  May God Almighty continue to bless and preserve our great nation.

NOTE:  Do remember, always, that votes matter and elections have consequences.  And if you actually seem to need an example of the latter today, then you’re just not paying attention!  So, climb down from your spaceship and plug yourself back into reality.  Wake up and welcome home……