Unsustainable in America

The word sustainable is defined as “a practice that sustains a given condition, such as economic growth, without destroying or depleting natural resources, etc.”  Unsustainable, of course, is just the opposite.  For a number of otherwise quite controllable reasons, such as astute, sensible management, the current administration is however leading … read more

Smart Talk #27

In his article, “Three Cheers for Oil,” commentator John Hinderaker notes that “Oil is the Earth’s miracle substance. Like electricity, oil drives economic growth.  No other fuel can match oil when it comes to energy density, cost, scale, flexibility, or ease of handling and transportation.”  Quoting columnist David Blackmon, on … read more

“Duty, Honor, Country” Status?

The United States Military Academy at West Point was established on March 16, 1802.  “West Point grads designed almost all early American railways, roads and bridges as it was the only engineering college in the country until 1824.”  The Academy remains today as a prominent education and training resource for … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders and Buffoons #35

There’s no better way to begin this edition of 4B’s than with this oval office stunt from this past Sunday.  As you know, Sunday, March 31st, represented the holiest day of the year among those of the Christian faith, that is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Apparently not in the … read more