2018 Third Infantry Division Soldiers Ball

This past Friday evening (12-7-18), soldiers and spouses or dates, gathered at the Savannah Convention & Trade Center for an evening of fellowship and enjoyment, hosted by the 3rd ID Commander, Major-General & Mrs. Lee Quintas,  as the concluding event in the annual Marne Week competitions.

Following dinner, awards were presented to those who had excelled in those Division competitions, to include the categories of Small Arms Weapons (eight categories), Indirect Fire Systems (Mortars & Paladin), Mounted Crews (Mounted Machine Gun, Bradley & Abrams), and Marne Aviation (Apache, Blackhawk & Chinook).

An evening highlight was the presentation the very first First-Lieutenant Garlin “Murl” Conner Award “to be presented annually to the Third Infantry Division Officer and Enlisted Soldier who demonstrates outstanding leadership and lethality.”  The recipients of this award, honoring the legacy of WWII Medal of Honor hero 1LT “Murl” Conner, are 1LT James Reed and SGT Jacob Bee, both from the 3rd ID’s 1ABCT.  Making this inaugural award presentation all the more memorable, Lieutenant Conner’s widow (Guest of Honor) was there to see this tradition begin.

Adding to the excellent food served, in the sold-out banquet hall, were the traditional GROG ceremony, several excellent videos (some humorous, others depicting the impressive strength of our 3rd ID units, and one containing the comments and memories of several Conner family members), and a fine vocal performance by country recording artist Colton James.

The evening concluded (prior to dancing) with the singing of both the Dogface Soldier and the Army song.  All in all, a very enjoyable evening, and a great Christmas season gift to the hard working soldiers of the 3rd ID.