Box Score: 0 for 44

That’s president wanna-be Joseph Biden’s professional box score.  Zero constructive, positive contributions to America after 44-years in federal government service (Senate 1973-2009 / Vice President 2009-2017).  And now, much like the true-deplorables’ dorm-mom, Mrs. Clinton, he feels like, after decades of contributing little or nothing to the betterment of our nation (but convinced he’d done so, while self-enriching), he deserves to become United States President.  He’s earned that right, thinks he. But, as a mirror reflection of Mr. Biden himself, his record of public service is not outstanding.  Yet, as we are learning now, more and more by the day, by contrast, his record of self-service is truly impressive!

Among his many failings, Mr. Biden struggles with the truth.  It’s not so much that he lies. It’s more that, all too often, truth deserts him.  OK, he lies.  Most recently, when confronted with the incredibly damaging emails said to be found on a computer belonging to his incredibly unimpressive, much-traveled son, after two days of crickets from his campaign, when candidate Biden was asked once again about the billowing scandal, his response was reported to be: “I know (sic) you’d ask it.  I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.” In this particular case, the question was posed by a CBS reporter who, as far as we know, did not “always ask” it.  The mushrooming Hunter Biden email storm cloud directly implicated candidate Biden in very questionable business dealings (presumably for profit) with, not only Ukraine, but it appears possibly with China, as well.  You remember China, the country that brought us the coronavirus and the one upon which President Trump is trying his best to greatly decrease our business dependence, both to increase manufacturing jobs here at home, and because, more and more, China is becoming a powerful (and threatening) American enemy.

So then, while that whole story is brewing, which may side track or (hopefully) demolish the Biden campaign, we can go back and beyond it to highlight further  examples illustrating that, all too often, Mr. Biden and the truth are not intimate.

While speaking at Union Baptist Church (Wilmington, Delaware) back in January (2020), Mr. Biden shared this personal memory with the pre-dominantly black congregation: “I got my education, for real, in the black church, and that’s not hyperbole, it’s a fact. That’s what I’m part of.  That’s where my political identity comes from. And it’s the single most loyal constituency I’ve ever had.”  (Usher: Please pass the pander plate). Those “personal” recollections don’t seem validated by the later-Senator’s subsequent career actions, statements, and associations. Interestingly, when asked, a seasoned member or two from the church, which he claimed had provided him with his early “education,” had no recollection of his regular attendance there.  Worse yet, responding to his assertion, civil rights activist Shaun Kind is reported to have said: “These claims of Biden are so outrageous and dishonest that it caused (others) to truly worry for his mental health.”  So then, appears the mental concern piece of the increasingly complex and concerning Biden puzzle has been out there for the last 10-months, at least.

Then, speaking recently at a large senior-citizen independent-care center in Florida, Mr. Biden reportedly offered the following concern: “If we do not find an answer to Alzheimer’s within the next 19-years, every single solitary bed that exists in the United States of America, now, will be occupied by an Alzheimer’s patient.”  Interesting prediction, from “Doctor” Biden, and even more interesting that he would zero in on that already-concerning mental malady, Alzheimer’s disease.  And how did he happen to land on that particular year as the trigger-limit for solutions?  Not 13 or 15, but 19!  Again, then, what he has erroneously predicted is that if medical science doesn’t solve it by that time, he said that everyone in America, occupying a bed, either overnight or full-time, will have Alzheimer’s. Preposterous. And while we current mortals sit pondering his premonition, the “find an answer” clock is running! Oh, and as a parting shot on the Senator’s part, he is said to have blamed President trump for “the empty chair around the dining room table tonight.” The old and ever-so-tired claim that the President didn’t do enough to stop the spread of the virus, even though it was Mr. Biden (and others from the after-the-fact-know-it-all-but-offered-nothing clan) who labeled the President Asia-phobic, when in late January, he shut down travel from China, the source-nation of the deadly coronavirus.

And speaking of the killer virus and our elderly, Mr. Biden is also reported to have said to seniors in Florida that President Trump considers senior citizens to be “virtually nobody.”  Now let’s take a look at how that particular Biden lie was invented out of ‘whole (make that, soiled) cloth.’  Here is the President speaking early on about the virus and its most vulnerable demographic: “Now, we know it (coronavirus) affects elderly people, elderly people with heart problems and other problems. That’s (who) it really affects. That’s it.  In some states, thousands of people, (but) nobody young below the age of 18, like, virtually nobody.”  His reference there is to the established fact that seniors and those with pre-existing conditions have been shown to be more vulnerable to the disease than much younger Americans. Again, he was singling out the heightened risks for the elderly, while indicating the statistically-proven, reduced-likelihood that otherwise healthy young people would become infected. And from that, some bright light in the Biden campaign pulled out the “virtually nobody” reference to young people and twisted it to become the ridiculous statement, then uttered by Mr. Biden, that the President considered seniors to be “virtually nobody.”  Political desperation coupled with sheer stupidity, proclaimed by a seasoned candidate from the Land of Make-Believe.

And another “misunderstanding.” In a talk discussing his (indecisive) stand on fracking and the future of fossil fuel use on America, Mr. Biden told folks that the boilermakers union “overwhelmingly endorse me.”  Just a slight problem with that declaration. The International Boilermakers website indicated that they had made no endorsent and, turns out, the local union made it clear that it had endorsed President Trump! Ever so close. Only missed the accuracy mark by the short distance from earth to mars.

Oh, and if by chance you were wondering how the dark side’s presidential candidate feels about the issue of young children and transgenderism, in his recent prime-time ABC townhall, he seemed to indicate, in his perfected unclear way, that kids ought to be free to make such choices.  A mother in the live audience had stated that her 8-year-old daughter was transgender, and that the Trump Administration “appeared to work against transgender Americans,” so what would candidate Biden do differently?  As recorded and reported, his answer was this: “The idea that an eight-year-old child or a ten-year-old child decides, ‘you now, I want to be transgender, that’s what I think I’d like to be, it would make my life a lot easier,’ there should be zero discrimination.” After wafting off on a semi-related tangent, Mr. Biden circled back to say: “I promise you, there I no reason to suggest that there should be any right denied your daughter…that your daughter has a right to be and do.” That was translated to this headline conclusion by one on-line site as: “Joe Biden Supports 8-Year-Olds Being Able to Change Their Gender.”  Glad we were able to get that critical issue cleared up, ranking right up there with China saber-rattling, Iranian threats, and President Trump concluding that older people are simply wasting oxygen and taking up space.

And we are now invited to following the bouncing Biden fracking ball.  Said he to a New Hampshire voter back in January 2020, asked about stopping fracking, the response was “Yes.”  Asked about it in 2019 during a cable interview, his response was: “No, we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those – any fossil fuel.”  Fast forward to an interview in mining-sensitive Pittsburgh, and the Biden response to the fracking question went like this: “No, I would not shut down this industry (fossil fuel/fracking).  I said I would not do any new leases on federal lands.”  However, the pants-wearing member of this forced political marriage has made her feeling about fracking crystal-clear.  Said Mrs. Harris-Biden: “There’d no question I’m in favor of banning fracking.”  And on this issue, impacting hundred of thousands of high-paying fossil fuel industry jobs for middle-class Americans, in the still of the night, with the lights down low and the heat turned up, you can just guess who will win. (Hint: Not the fossil fuel workers).  Oh, and while we’re talking about positions that Mrs. Harris has espoused, she has indicated she’s in favor of decriminalizing marijuana use at the federal level, while also “expunging the criminal records of people convicted of marijuana-related offenses in the past.” All of that once the smoke clears.

Back to the Progressive Party candidate, now known lately as “lyin,’ hidin,’ Biden,” there is a gentleman being featured in a new commercial for Mr. Biden who’s being portrayed as a struggling Michigan small business owner, with livelihood threatened, due to the “economic downturn caused by President Trump’s coronavirus response.”  Just a couple of little-bitty issues here.  First, it was the lasting mega-lock-down orders imposed on Michigan businesses by that state’s governor, Mrs. Whitmer, that has squeezed owners.  And, the other little problem with the commercial’s claim is that, yes, the gentleman portrayed does own a business that has been negatively impacted by the epidemic, but he actually supported the shut-down policies of Mrs. Whitmer!  Oh, and one more thing.  The guy in the commercial isn’t really down on his luck.  He’s a very wealthy individual who has financially supported the Biden campaign, known in the trade as a “angel investor” who provides money to tech and other start-ups. The ad’s message is built around a lie. Perhaps not directly of Mr. Biden’s doing, but definitely another flat-out lie involving, as scripted, the effort to blind voters to the reality of the man and the Progressive movement he is being forced to represent.  So, who is Joe Biden really?

Well, he’s a person who, when asked repeatedly his opinion and plan on “packing” the Supreme Court, refuses to answer, saying that the American public doesn’t deserve to know.  “No, they don’t,” said he, reportedly, to a Las Vegas reporter when asked.  No question, the Progressive left power brokers will force him to back the SC ‘pack,’ so he is lying about his actual position, and ignoring the public’s right to know how a presidential candidate feels concerning this one, of a great many, planned corrosive steps to demolish the Constitution and the American way of life.

Given the succession of flip-flops, half-truths, and outright lies coming from the gentleman who hopes to, but is incapable of, effectively leading the most powerful nation in the world, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn had this observation: “This (Biden) is not a leader who knows how to make a decision.  He appears to be powerless when it comes to opposing the left.”  And that is a pronouncement that all non-indoctrinated, thinking Americans knows to be true.  Mr. Biden has already plunged way too far down the Radical Left’s political mine-shaft, with no possible means of escape.  So that now, he’s having to cover his political rear-end by knowingly obscuring from the view and knowledge of America’s liberty-loving  voters the extent of the intentional Progressive damage to be imposed on our great nation, should heaven, mayhem, and fraud forbid, he and his rabid freedom-destroying movement prevail, slamming the door shut, potentially forever, on all that is truly great, right, and mighty about our United States of America.


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