This day of reverence and reflection continues to be one of our nation’s most solemn tributes. It is the day I consider to be the most sacred of our secular observances. It is the specific time of the year that we set aside to honor and remember all those brave … read more

Snowflake Melt

Spring is no longer the only thing that causes snowflakes to melt.   Apparently stress is engulfing increasing numbers of college students.  And when exercise, unwinding with friends, or even anxiety medication aren’t relieving the angst caused by final exams, the University of Utah has come to the rescue with a … read more

Brainwashing Is Alive And Well

In the midst of a recent pro-illegals demonstration, brought on by the fact that illegal immigration is currently a front burner hot topic of Congressional wrangling, there stood a young lady holding a sign that read: “DREAMers Are Americans, Not Criminals.” Simply put, no they are not, to the first … read more

Rude Awakening

Two employees at a Little Caesar’s Restaurant in Alabama learned quickly that it’s not nice (or smart) to snub a police officer.  In their immature wisdom, recently they refused to serve one.  Not just any officer, a U.S. Navy veteran and a two-decade member of the town’s police department.  The officer … read more

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