Area Military Update

3rd ID 1ABCT:  Fort Stewart’s 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team has returned from its rotation in South Korea.  The last flight of the Brigade’s soldiers arrived back at Hunter AAF yesterday.  Following block leave for these returning soldiers, they will be officially welcomed back to Fort Stewart when their colors … read more

Official U. S. Coast Guard Community

Chatham County has been granted the privilege of being designated a U.S. Coast Guard Community.  Hosting the presentation yesterday, in a ceremony on the lawn outside the Trade Center, with a large USCG Aids-To-Navigation ship as a backdrop on the river, Coast Guard Commandant Karl Schultz spoke of Savannah’s history … read more

Hurricane-Damaged Tyndall AFB: Update

Assessments of damage, along with estimating costs involved with restoring the base to full operational status, are under way.  Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson was on the ground there last weekend and told reporters the following:  “I feel pretty good about the future of Tyndall.  I know it … read more

Hurricane MICHAEL: Military Impact

Along with unbelievable devastation within some communities in the Florida Panhandle, particularly where Hurricane MICHAEL actually came ashore, on the military side, the storm damage at Tyndall Air Force Base has been described as “catastrophic.” Fortunately, all base personnel, military and civilian, were under a mandatory evacuation, so it appears … read more

Sergeant Alvin York: World War I American Hero

Last week, marked the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Meuse-Argonne, a key turning point in America’s critical efforts to bring World War I to its conclusion. Determined to hold its legendary Argonne Region Hindenburg Line, the Germans packed their defensive strong points with troops and armament, as they dug … read more

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