Amidst the Muck: Republican Bright Lights

On down the ticket, the news for loyal American patriots is brighter.  Seventeen Republican women won their House district elections, either contested seats or Democrat take-aways, adding greatly to conservative numbers in that important Chamber.  Summing up the House victories in general, Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN), chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee stated: “Every one of the seats we flipped so far has been a minority candidate, a veteran and/or a female. Pretty Impressive.”  As a result, he continued: “Democrats will have the smallest majority in the House of Representatives since World War II.”  Now that truly is impressive!  Best of all, Republicans are now felt to be very well positioned to take the House in the 2022 election.  A critical step, given what the alleged new president and his far-left gang have in mind for ‘transforming” the nation.  A nation, by the way, that does not need transforming!  Some fumigating, no question, but not transforming.

Speaking of seat flipping, former professional football standout, Burgess Owens has brought the 4th District seat in Utah back to the Republican column.  Owens is another strong, wise Black conservative voice so badly needed on America’s center stage, as minority role-models have continued to increase in impressive fashion, in and outside of elective office, during the Trump-led years.

And Republican state legislatures held their own in the election, plus strengthening their forthcoming control over congressional redistricting decisions!  “Republicans won almost every election where redistricting was at stake. They are set to control the redistricting of 188 congressional seats (43% of the entire U.S. House), while Democrats will control the redistricting of, at most, 73 seats (17%).” Certainly very positive positioning for an exceptionally strong Republican candidate-showing in that all-important mid-term election of 2022.

While we’re all incredibly saddened and frustrated by apparently being on the verge of having the top spot on the ticket fraudulently stolen from President Trump, thankfully, Republicans did very well nationally, as well as within states, in those races farther down the ballot. Said Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif), now re-elected as House Republican leader: “We’ll have more women than at any time serving in Congress.  The Republican Party really made great gains.  This will be the closest to a (Republican) majority at any time since World War II (as mentioned above), and really, nobody saw this coming. The American people have now rejected Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat socialist party.  The next two years are going to be about the Republican commitment versus the Democrat’s agenda.”

These reflective Republican bright lights are very clearly “high-beams” shining on the positive road ahead for the federal and state representatives of our America-First (and Always) political party.

(Emmer quotes via, Robert Kraychik, 11-16-20; Owens election via, Mary Chastain, 11-17-20; Redistricting quote via, Fuzzy Slippers, 11-19-20; McCarthy quotes via, Talia Kaplan, 11-22-20).