Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #5

Unhappy about her Portland (OR) school district’s vote to ban Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride symbols within the schools, a female high school English teacher decided to respond to that mandate by removing our American flag from her classroom. And the reason: “It’s the most political symbol there is.” … read more

A Nation In Distress

Right now (and for the last eight-months and counting), America is engulfed in turmoil, disappointment, and despair.  No, it’s not the prophesied ‘end days’ (yet).  And, thankfully, nor have enemy missiles landed here (yet). The vast majority of the population isn’t sick and dying (perhaps sick and tired, however). The … read more

9/11: Patriot Day: The 20th Anniversary of the Attack on America

Twenty years ago today…September 11, 2001… 19 militant fundamentalist Islamics hijacked four East Coast U.S. commercial airliners and purposely flew them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center (NYC), then into the Pentagon (D.C.), and mercifully, thanks to some very courageous male passengers, that fourth plane was forced … read more

Bagram And Kabul: Mega-Mistakes

No question, the catastrophic chaos, tragedy, and loss that are the recent Afghanistan evacuation operation are the direct result of the unbelievable, unconscionable (purposeful?) mistakes of the current, we fear, unseeing, unknowing, uncaring, seemingly partially-sedated administration in America.  This absolute failure of appropriate planning and sequential execution has both weakened … read more